Intentional. Protective. Forward-thinking.

While there are some similarities, labor matters have different pressure points than employment matters. Founding partner, Amy M. Stewart appreciates the nuanced approach necessary to resolve conflicts with union representation while steadfastly protecting her client’s interests.

Amy handles labor and employment arbitrations for clients in various industries, including the manufacturing, airline, and oil industries. Because of her wealth of experience and expertise in handling arbitration matters, Amy is certified as an Arbitrator with the American Arbitration Association to handle Commercial, Construction, and Employment Disputes.

Amy’s clients retain her services time after time because of her unique ability to communicate effectively with each stakeholder involved. In an effort to understand her client’s business, she builds relationships with the people on manufacturing floor, in mid-level management, to executives in the C-Suite. Because of her ability to connect with people across the spectrum of her clients, she is able to gather the information needed to make educated decisions for the future, build lasting alliances, and efficiently resolve the matters.