Amy M. Stewart Partner

Intuitive. Strategic. Relentless.

“Amy Stewart is that rare attorney who can own the entirety of a case.  No matter how much or how well the other side has prepared, she drives the case to a positive outcome.”


Sarah E. Bradbury Partner

Intentional. Effective. Pragmatic.

“This Sarah Bradbury is seriously spectacular. We should have her on speed dial.”


Keron A. Wright Partner

Determined. Resourceful. Tireless.

“Keron Wright does an excellent job of staying focused on the big picture and the client’s expectations.”


Michele Spillman Senior Counsel

Diligent. Skilled. Graceful.

“If you want a thoughtful, real-world approach to problem solving, I recommend Michele as a trusted partner.”


Raha Assadi Associate

Sharp. Prepared. Instinctive.

“Raha is a credit to our profession.  She is smart, resilient, hard-working, deeply empathetic and, perhaps most importantly, she wants to be a lawyer for all of the right reasons.”